Edwards Equestian


One of Charlotte’s passions is coaching.  She loves being able to work with a horse and rider, and help them to develop more of a partnership, and both parties learn how to get the best out of each other, with the least amount of pressure.  She trains riders and their horses to achieve their full potential in flatwork and showjumping to gain confidence and ring craft.  Charlotte teaches individual and group lessons at her yard, and she is also willing to travel to other yards to teach.  Charlotte teaches all ages and abilities and is sympathetic to nerves riders.

  • On-site Coaching: £30 per lesson
  • Off-site Coaching: £30 per lesson plus fuel




Charlotte has taught many clinics for Riding Club and Pony Club, as well as privately organised ones.  We also hire out our arenas for external clinics.  We have hosted clinics with top dressage riders, show jumpers and eventers.